Certain Tests are performed to ensure the continuous working of fuel oil treatment in Fuel Oil

Power Plants and the reason is not only to monitor the affects arising by using these FO additives but also to regulate the necessary dosing according to the changing load capacity of the power plant

There are different Tests which are performed on periodic bases. Some are performed on Daily basis while some are performed on weekly and monthly bases. While there are certain equipment’s used to continuously monitor online readings of some particular changes arising such as O2 sensors, SO3 Monitor etc.

There are different types of tests which are performed to ensure the better performance of a fuel oil additive and continuous monitoring allow the perfect dosage of the additive used. Some of the Tests performed are:

  • Determination of pH and Free acidity of Fly ash and combustion residues.
  • Flue gas analysis using TESTO 340
  • Acid Dew Point Test using LAND’S Lancom 200
  • Unburned Carbon Reduction Test
  • Continuous SO3 monitoring using SO3 monitor