standard-title Fuel Oil Treatment Skids

Fuel Oil Treatment Skids


Envirochem International provides complete installation of general Fuel Additive Dosing skids.

General Dosing Skids include all necessary equipment’s such as pumps, flush tanks, agitator and valves system according to the plant requirement.

It’s a general arrangement of ball valves, gate valves and pumps including refilling pumps and diaphragm pumps for dosing purposes. It is also provided with the necessary agitator for the enhanced mixing of the chemicals in the storage tanks.


ENVIROCHEM INTERNATIONAL provides the most efficient solution to optimize your boiler operation. For this purpose Pentomuls is the most advance technology and services for this product is provided along with the necessary equipment’s.

Pentomuls require a continuous making of Water in Oil suspension on the plant and for this purpose special dosing skid is available.

The emulsification unit is installed on the main fuel oil line.

The emulsification unit is the key item to create the water-in-oil emulsion. It remains property of Pentol and is rented to the power plant.
The emulsification equipment is fitted with a fully automatic control and grants that a constant quality of the water-in-oil emulsion is maintained. Options to operate it remotely from the control room are included in the basic design.