standard-title Biomex(HDI)


Biomex is concerned water based alkaline cleaner industrial cleaning and degreasing, without phosphates.

BIOMEX consists of liquid high-grade surfactant mixture with to which special complexing builders have been added. BIOMEX contains no caustics, no ammoniac, and no nonyl phenols.


BIOMEX industrial degreasers and cleaners for use on machinery, equipment, electric motors, engines, floors and other industrial applications. Many of our industrial degreaser solutions are designed to be nontoxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe.

BIOMEX is extremely useful in Cleaning of large components, molds, removal of coarse dirt, oil, (graphite-) fat, conveyor belts, cleaning of small metal parts and engine parts in ultra-sonic machines, removal of carbon from aluminum pistons, engine components and engine blocks.

BIOMEX is useful in odor removal of mercaptans, phenols. In Chemical industries and In Plastic processing Cleaning molds C.I.P In solvent baths with or without ultrasonic.

BIOMEX is useful for cleaning and degreasing metal surfaces, and bearings before greasing. It is also effective when used to degrease motors, pumps, compressors, generators and other spare parts at the time of repairs.

BIOMEX degreaser penetrates instantly to remove dirt, oil and grease. BIOMEX is a concentrated dual action cleaning system, unique in performance and diversity. It effectively removes tough soils such as oil, grease and grime by temporarily emulsifying them, then rinses quickly and completely. Enhances removal of oil and grease and promotes separation of the oil and water with subsequent settlement in a decanter.

BIOMEX degreaser is used to remove oils and other contaminants from aluminum heat exchanger found in radiation and heater cores. Heat exchangers are manufactured from stamped aluminum.

In the stamping and assembly process oils are used to get the desired shape and fit. These process deposit aluminum and dirt particles along with a surface oil residue.

During assembly heat exchangers are brazed properly, the part must be as free of contamination as possible. Therefore, some sort of degreasing operation is required to decontaminate the part.


BIOMEX HDI can be used in a wide temperature range, from +5°C up to +50°C.

Warmth increases its cleaning power.


BIOMEX HDI can be used both for manual and mechanical cleaning. It can be used without any risk in all kinds of spraying equipment, in many types of steam cleaners, high and low-pressure equipment.

Extremely suitable for applications in dip baths and ultrasonic baths. (specially to remove carbon from engine part). In parts washers for cleaning during maintenance operations, etc.


BIOMEX HDI is an extra concentrated product, can be used without any risk, from its concentrated form

up to 0.5% dilution in cold or hot water.

Dilution advice:

  • 100% till 30% for extremely dirty surfaces.
  • 30% till 20% for heavy dirt.
  • 20% till 10% for moderate dirt.
  • 10% till 5% for light dirt.
  • 5% till 1% for all kind of floors (mechanical).
  • 1% till 0.5% for shiny surfaces (high-gloss paint, glass, mirrors etc.)