Pentomag 2550:

Anti-slagging coal additive. Anti-slagging additives have already been used for many years, initially in powder form. Practical experience was, however, not satisfactory, first of all because of relatively high particle size of powder components (typically 150 microns). The smaller the particle the greater the active surface

Pentomag 2550 is a form of stable slurry containing micronized active substances in oil suspension. Slurry is also resistant to water. Also storage of additives in slurry form is easier and dosing more precise.

Sophisticated manufacturing and stabilization of the slurry containing up to almost 70% of active substances enables application of very low dosing rates. In most cases 1 liter of PentoMag 2550 is efficient to treat 50 tons of coal. Actual dosing rate is always adjusted according to practical experience during initial dosing period.

Pentomag 2550 dosing may give noticeable fuel savings by preventing heat losses due to boiler fouling obstructing heat exchange in the areas suffering deposit formation and intensive deposits in the evaporator area also while fouling of Super heater surfaces may result in too low steam temperature on boiler exit.