standard-title Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine

Pentomag 4400:

Pentomag 4400 is specifically designed for diesel engines and is to fulfill the following goals:

  • Reduce sludge in storage tanks
  • Reduce waste separation and deposition
  • Improve combustion of fuel
  • Neutralize corrosion effects and eliminate

PentoMag 4400 includes sludge dispersing solvents and water emulsifiers to stabilize the fuel.

Technical Advantages:

  • Fuel Tank, Less sludge, Less cleaning
  • Absorber, Less cleaning, Less waste, Less water treatment
  • Engine, Less fouling on injectors, Less plugging of valves, Reduce corrosion on cylinders and liners
  • Turbo Charger, Significantly less cleaning, Higher availability
  • Chimney, Less emission, Less corrosion
  • Recovery boiler (if available), Less delta p, Less corrosion, Less plugging


  • Availability, Less cleaning everywhere, Maintain full load for longer time period, Less outages due to dirtiness, Higher efficiency of components
  • Spare parts, Last longer
  • Efficiency, Reduce fuel consumption (2 to 5%)