Biodegradable cleaner/degreaser


Rochem Alkleen Safety Liquid is a multi-purpose biodegradable degrease containing wetting agents and alkaline materials. It may be used for many marine purposes as it removes soil from metals, painted surfaces, plastics and concrete.

Rochem Alkleen Safety Liquid is non-caustic containing efficient alkaline builders and detergents. Alkleen Safety Liquid is suitable for most painted surfaces If in doubt always test the detergent on a small area before starting large scale cleaning

Appearance Clear liquid, slightly blue
Flash Point n.a.
Freezing Point -15 °C
pH at 20°C 13 (concentrate), 11 at users dilution
Specific Gravity 1,10 g/ml


Dose rate recommended at 1 to 10 % depending on the amount and type of soil. Alkleen Safety Liquid can be applied by mops, brushes or rags, or dip the soiled article into the Alkleen Safety Liquid. After cleaning rinse off with plenty of cold or warm water.


  • General cleaning of painted or non-painted surfaces, floors
  • For engine rooms, decks, galleys etc.


  • Fully biodegradable
  • Rapid dispersal of a large range of oils and greases
  • Highly effective, low dosage rates
  • non-caustic, non flammable.