For the removal of organic and microbiological and colloidal deposits


Rochem Membrane Cleaner APL is a liquid alkaline, caustic free, cleaning compound to remove organic and microbiological and colloidal deposits from reverse osmosis membranes.

Appearance Clear liquid,
Flash Point none
Freezing Point -5°C
pH at 20°C 11.0 (pH 20% solution 10.5)
Specific Gravity 1.05 g/cm3
Shelf life 2 years after production date


Always use as recommended by the membrane manufacturer or equipment supplier.

Elements should be cleaned whenever the normalized permeate flow rate or salt rejection has dropped by 10-15% or the differentia pressure has increased by 10-15% from original base line data.

Advised dosage is 20% of the Membrane Cleaner APL in chlorine free water.